Brammi – Respiratory Care

Neonatal Asphyxia occurs when infant doesn’t get oxygen. It can cause severe loss of oxygen to infant’s brain, which can injure brain cell causing HIE (Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy).

The brain damage can cause mental and physical disabilities like cerebral palsy, seizure and developmental delays.

Every year, roughly 10 to 60% of babies with HIE die in the newborn period. At least 25% of babies with HIE with delayed treatment suffer neuro development. It is advised to treat babies within 6 hours from birth.

Start treatment at earliest with Brammi, a servo controlled cooling system. The treatment shows improved results by reducing the severity of brain injury. Brammi comes in 3 different modes for user usage. An infant body wrap designed for maximum coverage is provided for optimal cooling.

  • Servo controlled mode: lowers infant’s body temperature to 32˚ C for 72 hours decreasing the metabolic rate reducing further damage to brain cell due to oxygen deprivation or blood flow is restored to injured cells.
  • Temperature:  The system maintains constant temperature with continuous feedback from infant. Post 72 hours, slow re-warming phase of 7 hours takes place.
  • Data: Record complete treatment cycle with graphical representation for easy monitoring. Patient data can be extracted and saved through USB port.
  • Mobility: Portable and light weight unit comes with integrated battery backup. This allows compatibility during transportation, allowing treatment to start with in 6 hours.

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