Neonatal Resuscitation Care Centre – NRC 100


Neonatal Resuscitation Care Centre – NRC 100

The scientifically designed structure of the NRC 100 provides easy all-round accessibility.

The crevice-free plastic body with rounded edges and smooth contours makes it safe and very easy to clean and maintain.

Even a student nurse will be able to handle it!

  • Accurately controlled thermal environment: The heater unit maintains the baby at the optimal environment.
  • Oval-shaped baby bed with side panel: The single-piece, crevice-free bed is easy to clean. Its oval shape permits access from all around. Transparent door’s height is easily adjustable to the care-giver’s convenience.  
  • Resuscitation unit with hand-operated port: Safe and reliable. Provided with autoclavable silicone hose.   
  • Suction unit: Oxygen powered. Does not need electricity (electrical unit optional).
  • Safety alarms: Clear visual and acoustic alarms for complete safety of infant. Separate electronic units to monitor system failure and heater failure. 
  • Examination lamp: Dazzle-free examination lamp. 
  • IV stand: IV pole and monitor tray provided. Provision for mounting and using multiple infusion pumps simultaneously. 
  • Control panel: Intuitive, easy-to-use design. Large, bright display keys—positioned for maximum convenience.