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Intensive Care Incubator – INC 100


Intensive Care Incubator – INC 100

The INC 100 has been specially designed to provide the safest and most stable environment for the critical neonate. With a wide range of accessories, it can be tailored to meet any situation arising in the care of the infant. The excellent nursing facilities, safe and reliable operation, ease of cleaning and sturdy construction of the INC 100 make it a vital part of the equipment in the hospital.

  • Elbow operated ports: Allow easy access and eliminate cross-infection.
  • Large front: Provides access for major procedures and easy removal of baby.
  • Trendelenburg and Fowler positioning: Up to 8° on both sides.
  • Tray: Easy-to-pull-out baby tray.
  • Canopy with unique hinges: Easy to clean inside the incubator.
  • Self-supporting tube and lead apertures: Easy and safe to insert tubes and cords made from autoclavable silicone. 
  • Intuitive display: Easy to read and operate microprocessor-based.

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