Neobreathe – Respiratory Care

Every year Asphyxia kills 8,11,000 babies. These babies can be saved by simple resuscitation followed by suction.

Neobreathe’s single person resuscitation care has in built resuscitation + mechanical suction. Its remarkably convenient & user friendly design helps in complete infant care.

  • World’s first foot operated resuscitation care: Unique foot operating resuscitation unit provides one free hand for CPR. 
  • Integrated suction: No fear of power cuts, No struggling with tubes.
  • Ventilation and suction integrated into one system
  • Stable grip & seal: Effective seal deigned to prevent up to 50 % of any leakage during procedure. Unit is safe, secure & prevents infection.  
  • Regulated Fio₂ control : Inbuilt, low cost, multi point Fio₂ regulation is available.
  • PEEP delivery: peep control.
  • Re-useable pressure manometer: Neo-breathe has a built in re-useable manometer for continuous pressure monitoring. In turn increases safety and confidence. 
  • Pressure safety: Its incorporated with patient safety measures. Pressure won’t exceed more than 40 cmH₂O. 
  • Zero electricity