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Company Profile

BEM Medical Pty Ltd was founded in 2002 by the Managing Director Bheki Gumede to source, market and distribute latest medical equipment technology to South African Health Institutions.

BEM Medical strives to be the preferred supplier at all customers. This will be achieved by providing the latest technological medical equipment solutions, in partnership with our world-class manufacturers and customers. Critical to this success is quality products, professional, effective and efficient processes and a sustained and profitable demand.

The company is in the Foetal & Patient Monitoring, Cardiology, Emergency Medical Services, Infusion Therapy & Patient Warming, Neonatal Care, Cardiac Surgery Consumables, Respiratory Care Consumables, Anaesthesia, Ventilation & Ultrasound Technology. Relationships built over the years with international equipment manufacturers as well as strong internal processes enable the company to deliver on its mission & commitments to customers.

BEM Medical aftersales support is based on effective servicing of the customers including a joint identification of latest technological medical solutions to the customer’s needs.

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